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Simple Cellular Data Management

Simple Cellular Data Management

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Data Pricing & App Features

We provide everything you need.

• Cameras, SIM cards, cellular data, and dedicated customer support.

• Manage it all in our web-app from any browser (Phone/Computer).

• You just need cell coverage in your area. No contracts required.

Cellular Connectivity Made Simple

Pooled Data Pricing

Only Pay for the Data You Use
The data is pooled across all of your cameras, and you only pay for the data you actually use. The more photos you take, the cheaper it gets per photo.

Contract Free
Our data connections are contract free. You can turn cellular data "On" or "Off" at any time. We charge a prorated connection fee of up to $6 per month per camera to cover the cost of SIM card activation and connection.

Cellular Carriers
We work with AT&T, T-Mobile, Viaero, and their roaming partners. We provide pre-activated SIM cards for the best carrier in your area. It does not matter what carrier you use for your cell phone, we handle billing separately from your phone bill.

View our Cellular Carrier page for full details, or check out our Billing Calculator to estimate your monthly bill.

Nationwide Coverage in the US and Canada

• We provide pre-activated SIM cards, so you don't need a contract with a carrier.

• Connects to AT&T, T-Mobile, Viaero, and US regional partners.

• Canadian carriers include Bell, Rogers, Sasktel, and Telus.

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