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Remote long-term surveillance in rural areas.

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Remote Monitoring Made Simple

Deploy the cameras anywhere you have cellular service. We will choose the best cellular carrier for your area automatically. Monitor and manage your cameras from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection using the Barn Owl web app

The RangeCam series solves a wide range of remote monitoring needs, including ranch monitoring, farm monitoring, security surveillance, and wildlife scouting.

Peace of Mind
Any Device in Any Location

Photos or videos can be triggered by motion, by a timer (time-lapse), or commanded remotely from the Barn Owl web app. The camera sends you photos or video clips immediately after they are captured, so you have near real-time awareness of remote assets and property.

With near real-time awareness, you save time and gain peace of mind.

Designed with Trust
Risk Free Guarantee

The RangeCam 4G camera features 3G/4G/LTE connectivity, GPS location reporting, video transmission, high-resolution image transmission, and dual antennas for improved reception.

Our remote cameras typically receive 2-3 bars more reception than your cell phone. Control more than ever before with expanding settings letting you control every aspect of the camera.



I’ve had a cam with this solar panel in Ky for 8 mo now no problems battery is always up. I live in Fl so it keeps my security well at camp and get 30 + pic a month.

Gerald T.

I use this daily to check livestock water in remote areas. Saves me lots of miles and time each year! Easy set up and customer service is some of the best around. They stand behind their products! I have been so impressed I will be ordering more of these for remote monitoring! Thank you Barn Owl!


The reliability factor has been very good. We are impressed with how the cameras have responded and their ability to maintain power

St. Louis County
St. Louis County, MN

I have it mounted to take a picture of a stock tank for my cattle that is at a location that I would have to go check everyday. Its about 25 miles round trip and about 3/4 mile into the well. One less thing I have to worry about when we are busy with other things.

Michael G
Los Angeles, CA

Function ability. Product hasn’t missed a beat. I have owned the camera setups for a full grazing season. Rain, snow, hot and cold and cameras haven’t missed sending one picture.



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Photo & Video Transmission
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Differences in the Lens

  • A Wide lens will include more horizontal coverage (100° FOV) and tends to have a "fish eye" effect, making things look a bit further away than they actually are. Choose the wide lens if you want to cover as much horizontal distance as possible.
  • A Standard lens covers less horizontally (58° FOV) with the photos and videos a bit clearer as the distance between the camera and objects are displayed more accurately. Choose the standard lens if you'd rather have higher resolution coverage of a smaller area.
  • You can review the full technical specification differences here.

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Billing Policy

Your monthly bill consists of a connection fee, data fee, and SMS charges. Most customers average $10-15 per camera, per month, but you can turn cameras OFF in the web-app anytime and pay $0 until you need them.

We only charge for the data you actually use, so you don't have to commit to a data plan up front. You will get one bill each month, no matter how many cameras you have.

If you aren't using your cameras for a period of time, you can turn them OFF in the Barn Owl web-app, and you won't be charged anything while it remains OFF. There is no additional charge for turning the data connection ON or OFF.

View billing details here: barnowl.tech/policies/billing

45-Day Refund Policy

We offer a 45-day refund policy on all purchases. You can return the cameras within 45 days, for any reason, and receive a full refund.

2-Year Warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty. We'll repair or replace defective cameras within 2 years after purchase: barnowl.tech/policies/returns#insurance

Optional Damage/Theft Insurance

Our insurance can be activated when you register cameras in the Barn Owl App. The insurance covers camera damage, theft or loss.

View full details here:barnowl.tech/policies/returns#insurance

Free Shipping & Returns on Cameras

45 Day Guarantee

2-Year Warranty