RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)
RangeCam 4G (free solar)

RangeCam 4G (free solar)

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    The RangeCam 4G is an advanced cellular camera, capable of long-term surveillance in rural areas.

    With real-time awareness, you save time and gain peace of mind.

    The RangeCam 4G solves a wide range of remote monitoring needs, including ranch monitoring, farm monitoring, security surveillance, and wildlife scouting.

    Deploy the cameras anywhere with cellular service. We will choose the best cellular carrier for your area.

    Our cameras work with AT&T, T-Mobile, Viaero, and other regional partners. It does not matter what you use for your personal cell phone.

    Monitor and manage your cameras from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection using the Barn Owl web app.

    The Barn Owl web app provides the simplest solution in the industry for managing cellular data connections and billing.

    Photos or videos can be triggered by motion, by a timer (time-lapse), or commanded remotely from the Barn Owl web app. 

    The camera sends you photos or video clips immediately after they are captured, so you have near real-time awareness of remote assets and property.

    The 4G camera features 3G/4G/LTE connectivity, GPS location reporting, video transmission, high-resolution image transmission, and dual antennas for improved reception.

    The camera captures night photos and videos with an invisible IR flash out to 65 feet.

    We’ve recently updated the RangeCam 4G to make it more reliable and even easier to operate. The updates include enhanced remote control options, remote troubleshooting capability, and improved battery life.


    Package Includes:

    Optional Accessories:

    • 16 GB SD memory card - Note, an SD card is required for operation
    • Alkaline AA batteries - Note, AA batteries are required for operation.
    • Lithium AA batteries (ships separately from Amazon).
    • Solar panel
    • 120V AC power adapter
    • *Note: External power, either Solar Panel or 120V AC Adapter, are highly recommended if you want to be able to command photos in real-time.
    • Mounting brackets

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