Safety and Security for Mining and Aggregates
Minesite safety and security: No Wi-Fi or CCTV required

Enhance the security and safety of your mining or aggregates operations with Barn Owl's military-grade cellular cameras. Ideal for remote locations lacking Wi-Fi or CCTV. No moving parts means low maintenance in harsh conditions.

Livestream on-demand or manage with AI smart alerts

The EdgeCam, developed in collaboration with Patrick Space Force Base in the U.S.A., offers military grade security with end-to-end data encryption. It stands out as the most cost-effective, rapid, and user-friendly On Edge Ai-capable wireless camera solution in its class for easy setup and deployment. Choose a partner in remote site monitoring that the military trusts for unmatched reliability and security.

Ensure operational safety and security without unnecessary travel

Barn Owl simplifies monitoring remote locations and mission critical equipment for security and trespassing. Never leave your site unchecked again.

Real-time Awareness from anywhere and role-based access control

Give your team real-time awareness from any location with our system, while restricting permissions and sensitive information based on job function. Barn Owl's Role-based access control adds a layer of security, while empowering your team for operational efficiency.

Benefits for the Energy Sector


Mount the camera and the solar panel,
set it up with Barn Owl HQ, and walk
away. No need for a crew to come by to
do it.


Benefit from high-speed dependable photo and video transmission from any location to any device. Get 24/7 Power from Barn Owl hassle free solar panels.


Barn Owl offers industry leading hardware and software products that work in harshest environments to secure valuable remote assets.

U.S. Based Support

Our U.S. based support team ensures quick resolution of any questions or recommended best practices. Our knowledgeable team provides real-time assistance, ensuring clear and efficient communication, built on trust
and understanding.

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